Scotty’s can cater small office parties all the way up to larger gatherings for many different occasions.  Catering for delivery is for 20+ people.  We do offer a pick up option as well.  If there is less then 15 people it’s best to order off of our regular menu for pick up.

Some of our most popular items for catering are:

Spinach Queso

Imitation Krab Salad & Crackers

Fruit or Veggie Tray

Tips & Toast

Roast Beef, Pork, Turkey or Ham

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Wild Rice Stuffing

Walleye Nuggets

Chicken Alfredo

Reds In Cream Sauce

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Tossed Salad


and much more.  Scott can work with you to decide on what best fits your needs and budget.

Please call 701-757-0965 for prices as they very depending on number of choices and market price of items.  Delivery charges and gratuity may apply.